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If You need a stump grinder then you’ve come to the right place.

Predator offer a wide range of tree stump grinders from wheeled and tracked to PTO and attachments.

We make the narrowest stump grinders on the market for their power output.

We are regularly updating our models to incorporate our latest technological developments and to ensure that we’re at the top of our game.

We design our machines from an operators perspective and draw upon many years of experience in the field to get it right. This ensures that when purchasing a Predator, you’re not only buying a quality machine but you’re also investing in a cost effective tree stump grinding solution that will help your profitability in many ways.

Our machines have clean designs that break the mold in performance, style,reliability and compactness, really making the job easier than it has ever been

Multi-Tip is a patented stump grinder cutting system offering high performance cutting of tree stumps along with the ability to change cutting teeth very quickly.

 • Saving money on pockets and expensive bolts

• A minimum of 25% better performance. GUARANTEED

• Fast changing of blunt teeth

• No setting as all distances are pre-set in the design of the wheel

• Minimal non-cutting parts in contact with the soil, so less drag

• Less flying debris

• One tooth fits all positions

• Small wood chips allowing fast decomposition into the ground

The changing of the two leading, cutter teeth takes around two minutes and requires a simple hex key and a small hammer.

Tree Stump Grinding Solutions

Cutter wheels are available for almost every stump grinder model on the market including

Bandit, Camon, Carlton, Danequip, Dosko, Greenmech, BM, Kandu, Kennards Redroo, Laski,  Morbark, OBMtec, Predator,  Ram, Rayco,  Universal Bingham, Vermeer,  and many more.

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